16 September 2009

BBAW: Show me the IREX

I love being a first adopter but never have the scratch to do so. I would totally have an eReader device to supplement my current book hoard but....

So show me the IREX.

I love my ink-paper-and-glue books. I can't get enough of them, how they smell, how they feel. But they are kind of heavy. And I'm looking to head back to grad school for literature and you what that means....back strain due to heavy load of books plus laptop in my backpack (plus the knitting bag, because I can't leave that at home). Having an IREX would help alleviate my back strain because I could download soooo many books and articles needed for scholarly reading/writing/thinking. This way I could scribble in, dog-ear, and post-it my books at home and then drag only the IREX to school for classroom discussion. Awesome.

And I wouldn't have to leave my knitting bag at home. There's usually a book or two in there as well so I would have more room for larger projects and yarn in my knitting bag if I had an IREX.

Oh, and I already have the eReader for B&N on my Blackberry. I like it alot....but I would love a larger screen. IREX has an open DRM platform so I could shuttle my book back and forth from the BB to an IREX eReader.

Why am I rabbiting on and on about IREX? Because you can win a free IREX eReader via BBAW (yay!). Kevin Hamilton chats up his company's product here.

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