17 September 2009

BBAW: Books I found via other bookaholics

Er, book bloggers. Bloggers, not addicts. [ha]

My first selection is Shelf Discovery and sadly enough I have no idea which book blogger gets the credit for it; all I remember is that I saw it, thought immediately "I must have that!", was disappointed I had to wait 6 weeks for it to actually be printed, and then couldn't remember what lovely person informally pointed me to it in the first place. I loved this book, if you couldn't tell by my review, so whomever you are....THANK YOU!! Otherwise, I'll just cheat and say I saw it on Lizzie's blog [larfs].

Most of my blogger discoveries have gone into the TBR pile/stack/bin/wishlist because I'm so backed up on reading right now I haven't gotten to any *sob*.

Rebecca has raved about The Help very often and it's on the list of things-I-must-read. I've seen many great reviews but Rebecca is the one who actually told me I must read it. I promise I will remember it's a recc from Rebecca when I finally get to it.

The last one is a tangential book-I-got-off-another-blogger. I had already purchased The Naked and the Dead in a book buying binge but hadn't decided when I should read it. Enter JC (aka bibliobrat) and her Banned Books Challenge. Which also pushed The Satanic Verses: A Novel and American Psycho to the forefront, too. I'm liking all three. Hooray books.

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