04 January 2009

Resolution Wrap-up, Week 1

I've already identified a problem area with the eating: I tend to snack when I get home late at night. My brain is telling me to eat someting but I'm not sure the stomach is actually hungry. An example would be that I was trying to read (brain food is better than body food to make the pounds go away) and I couldn't concentrate until I'd gotten up to make some toast. Yipe! I'll need to work on that.

In other areas, I've not had a venti mocha this week; I traded out to grandes with an extra shot, so the same amount of espresso as a venti but less syrup and milk. I also went to the gym but noticed I have a problem. All my sports bras are really old, as in over 2 years old, and they're all stretched out and don't fit at all. I was wearing three to control the bouncing. It wasn't very comfortable. So I'm going to Scheel's today to buy some more. Not sure if I'll make it to the gym today because I also have to go to the grocery store (groceries are important in this effort - healthy food); I have a gift card to Hy-vee but today I think I'll take care of things I need from the Co-op so then I have fruits, veggies, and healthy stuff (Hy-vee is for the PB, popcorn, etc).

Side note: I also have to go to Best Buy to purchase new earbuds for the iPod - some short, furry little butt-head (not sure which one) chewed up the cord so mine don't work anymore. Grrr.


  1. Actually, unless you were getting an extra shot before, you're now getting more espresso.

  2. Another way to cut calories in a mocha is to switch to nonfat milk and cut (or cut back on) the whipped cream. Or experiment with how many pumps of syrup you really need for it to taste how you like it... some places seem to put a LOT more syrup in than is actually needed, based on the sheer amount left in the bottom of the cup at the end. If you use less syrup, you might also want to ask the barista to stir it so it actually gets mixed in rather than remaining in the sludge.

    And Kate is right... Grande and Venti each have 2 shots. Tall and Short have 1 shot.

  3. :P

    Obviously I don't actually make my own mochas - my friends make them for me (kate makes the best ones, miss you)