09 January 2009

I really hate our movie theatres

So The Reader is opening in wider release this weekend. I really, really want to see this because I read the book (loved it) and Kate Winslet is rumored to give one of the best performances of the year as Hanna.

Is this playing near me? No. I would have to drive to Davenport, to a theatre-for-which-I've-never-been-to-that-part-of-the-city, and it is still winter in Iowa, with terrible weather, so a Davenport trip by myself is completely out of the question. I actually went to the moviefone website and I can't get any date within a 25-mile radius of Iowa City any time in January to come up for The Reader. Gah!!!!!!

So what should I do tonight? I could go to the grocery store, see a different movie, go home and watch a DVD, or go home and read a book (yes, I have a very boring life). Going to the grocery store is out because I did that one other time on a Friday night and couldn't find anything I wanted to buy because the shelves weren't stocked (and it was busy, go figure). I'm not sure the crap-tabulous Marcus Theatres-owned Coral Ridge 10 has anything I want to watch (I've heard Frost/Nixon is good, but I'm not interested; maybe they have Revolutionary Road?). I do have DVDs from Netflix - Oklahoma! (National Theatre production with Hugh Jackman, mmmmmm), The Duchess (with Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes, at least I could have my Ralph Fiennes fix), and The Bourne Ultimatum (not really in the mood for that but I should get it watched and in the mail). I also have tons of books to read, including The Homecoming (also by Bernhard Schmidt, author of The Reader). I'm sure I can find something to do.

I forgot - I could go to the gym, too, but I should be nice to my shoulder since I wrenched it trying not to fall down in the store parking lot. You should see the bruise on my shoulder blade from the latissimus strain.

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