17 February 2008

Snow again

Yet again this winter I am stuck in my house. Not because the roads are terrible - they aren't great, but they aren't blown shut - but because it has taken all day for the snow removal team to show up and plow the lot. I tried to get out around 3:15pm to go to the store (Mother Hubbard's cupboard is a little bare) and that worked not so well. It took two neighbors to help me get the car back in the garage. And lots of shovelling. Three of us were trying to get out, one in particular because he needed to go to the drugstore because his kids were sick. We shovelled and shovelled and the guy with the 4x4 was able to finally get traction so he went to the drugstore for the other neighbor. I do actually have nice neighbors some days.

They are just now plowing the lot (4:30). Sigh. Maybe I can go to the store later.

We were supposed to have book group tonight and decided that we would postpone for a week, given that three people were coming down from Cedar Rapids and they got more snow than we did. So next week we're having a joint book-Oscar party. Yum.

In anticipation for what was tonight's party I bought a coffee table. Yay - I'd been looking for one for a while and finally found one (at Kmart) that didn't break the bank. I still had to put it together, though. Pain in the butt. Looks pretty nice. I have a picture of the cats laying on it before I even got the drawers finished since I obviously purchased the item so they have yet another flat surface to inhabit.

I also indulged in my yarn buying habit. Another skien of Mountain Colors Bearfoot (sock yarn, mmmmm) and four skiens of really gorgeous Cascade Pastaza Paints in a red variegated color. The cats chewed a hole in my red scarf so I have an excuse to make a new one, only slightly better and maybe a hat as well.

Since I'm stuck at home I guess I'll read and organize the yarn stash. It's starting to become unruly. A little coffee, some yarn, music, good book. Decent evening.

Current book-in-progress: The Club Dumas (I totally did not know this book was the basis for the Johnny Depp movie The Ninth Gate); after that dream I'm trying to finish more books than I start and that's really, really hard for some reason
Current knitted item: Well.....I'm still working on the blue socks but I started my new scarf (going to make it similar - half moss stitch, half something else with a reversible pattern)
Current movie obsession: I'm still working on the IPTV Northanger Abbey but I developed a minor obsession with Sense and Sensibility again (Kate Winslet might be the most beautiful woman ever)
Current iTunes loop: I've been on a pretty hard-core John Mayer kick today; his music seems to warm up a dreary day

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