11 February 2008

Methinks I'm losing my mind

People are crazy. Therefore they drive me nuts.

And they do stupid things. Therefore they piss me off.

I need to visit one of my subordinate chapters because there is some bad ju-ju that can only be fixed by a series of face to face meetings. Email and IM only do so much.

I am really starting to miss regular television. Too much reality TV. So thank you to the studios for finally putting together a reasonable contract for the writers. On the other hand, I've been making great use of my Netflix account.

I've been diagnosed with chronic tendinitis in one ankle. This means it hurts all the time especially when I would like to exercise or take ballet class. Problematic also in that I really, really need to not gain any more weight and make some progress on getting back in shape.

I have the mid-February blahs. Must be Valentine's day soon.

I've finished a number of books. I've also started more than I've finished. Sounds about right.

Current book-in-progress: I'm about halfway through Bloom's The Western Canon; also on the burner is Cancer Ward, The Millenium Problems (because for some reason I've become obsessed with math theory - I'm sure it will pass), The Shakespeare Wars, Candy Girl, The Historical Austen, and Searching for Jane Austen (because Northanger Abbey is the February BNBC book for "Literature by Women") and there are probably more but I forget
Current knitted item: blue socks (i'm not feeling up to another Eeyore even though I really need to get them finished)
Current movie obsession: Northanger Abbey (2007 ITV adaptation); I'm also working on seeing as many Oscar nominated films as possible before the show this month (not going terribly well)

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