17 February 2008

Pictures of Varying Types

As promised - I have pictures for certain events from the weekend.

First up is "Cats on the new coffeetable." Unfortunately, the really cute picture of the animals inhabiting the table before it was finished didn't turn out so well. So here is Chaucer on top of the finished table - he was getting a little frisky with an imaginary toy.

Second, was the Sunday evening yarn stash organization party, ocurring because the book group party was postponed due to weather. THAT all came out of the closet. And it all went back into the closet, neatly organized, and I even wound up the unrulier skeins on the ball winder.

Kind of a jumble, wasn't it? There was also a skein of Noro Kureyon that the Dante kitty made a holy mess of about 2 years ago. Think a sheep undergoing electroshock therapy. It took about 30 minutes, and I had to pitch a bit that had obvious cat damage, but I managed to get the skein wound up (I considered a "before" picture, but it would've made people cry).

Lastly, for the BNBC people, here's some pictures of my crazy book collection. Yes, I have a small obsession with Pooh.

Don't look behind the doors on the right - that's the clutter keeper. There are books in there, too.

(This is the cabinent with the textbooks.)

The little alien under the rocking chair is Chaucer. Dante surprisingly did not want his picture taken and ran off.

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