13 February 2008

I had a dream last night

I dreamt I was chased by all of my books and the ones that I haven't finished were in the lead!!!!

I guess this is a sign that I have too many unfinished (and perhaps I shouldn't buy anymore) or maybe I shouldn't read Walt Whitman before bed.

Oh, and there's a new addition to the "current" updates - I tend to play the same album over and over, days at a time sometimes. Thought I'd share.

Current book-in-progress: Well, since I don't have enough brains to finish anything I'm reading the Northanger Abbey chapter from The Historical Austen and I almost tried to start Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds and Joyce's Ulysses; what is wrong with me?
Current knitted item: blue socks! One sock is looking suspiciously more finished.
Current movie obsession: Northanger Abbey (2007 ITV adaptation); I finished Ratatouille - OK but didn't hold my attention quite like Monsters, Inc. did
Current iTunes loop: Sara Bareilles "Little Voice"

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