03 June 2010

You must visit "Ward Six"

One of the things I love about the combination of book bloggers and Twitter is the never-ending supply of new things to think about and read.

Like the blog Ward Six.  For whatever reason, I'd never run across this book reviews/bookish thoughts/writing bits and bobs/general book knowledge blog and then, bam, everyone on Twitter is tweeting about this 10-over-80 list of great authors on Ward Six.  So I had a look-see.

It's a great idea - there are always "25 under 25" or "10 new writers under 30" or whatever type lists so I think it's wonderful that someone took the time to honor authors for their longevity.  Beverly Cleary is 94 - 94! - and she still writes books.  Rhian created a great list honoring authors she loves and I'm not going to copy it all here because I want everyone to visit Ward Six for themselves.

So, go visit.  Then stay a while and read more of their posts.


  1. God, I love Beverly Cleary with the passion of a million fiery suns. So feisty, reasonable, and such a contribution to kids everywhere.

  2. Wow, thanks for the mention! I see you have the Prydain books at the top of the blog: Lloyd Alexander was another wonderful writer, a few years gone, sadly. :(

  3. @rmellis you're very welcome :) I actually picked the Prydain books for the picture because the beautiful cover art matched the colors of my knitted piece (my baby niece's sweater) although eventually the covers didn't show up in the picture. But they are still a favorite series of mine :)