27 January 2011

You know you're a foodie when...

...you're geeking out at your new cookbooks.

I ditched a whole box of old cookbooks I didn't use/had nasty recipes/had actually never opened before I moved.  I've been eating much better since I moved (odd how not being depressed by your house and its crappy level of hard water can affect your desire to cook and eat at home) so last weekend I wanted to get a couple of new cookbooks about decently-easy-to-make healthy food.

I like the recipes from Whole Living magazine, just not enough to buy the magazine regularly, so the power foods cookbook is perfect.  Martha Stewart isn't a massive favorite of mine, but I know the Everyday Food magazine always has easy-to-prepare meals (and the pictures look yummy).

And then, last night, I scored a fantastic deal.  There were cookbook box sets - like gift sets - at the store that got really discounted.  As in "about 75% off" discounted.  These are fancy cookbooks, great for reference or have AMAZING recipes (also with ingredients I'm pretty sure I never heard of).  I actually had been considering buying one or the other of these sets but just couldn't justify the expense before.  I'm so excited about this one:

Can you guess what it is?

 It's the deluxe set, Volumes I and II of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child in a beautiful blue cloth box.  Love.

And then there's this one, which makes me do a little "sqeeee":

The Essential Thomas Keller box set - French Laundry and ad hoc at home.  I may never make it to the restaurant in Napa but I can attempt to make things served there.  Keller notes in the introduction that the chef is the soul of the recipe; you can make a "perfect" dish, but if you didn't feel the passion while making that dish then it wasn't perfect for you.

It even comes with a facsimile copy of the opening-night French Laundry menu, signed by Keller.  Wheee!

I had a gift card left to use so I only had to fork over 7 dollars cash for those two sets.  Seriously geeking out and drooling all over that French Laundry cookbook.  Now I just need Bouchon for yummy bistro cooking.


  1. I would be afraid I would get such beautiful books dirty as I cooked. I almost bought Ad Hoc when we were at the restaurant back in May. The food was amazing. And once we rescued a curdled homemade mayonnaise by using a tip from the Julia Child books.

  2. Hmmm, good point...I think now would be the time to invest in a cookbook holder :)

  3. It is my wildest dream to own a set of Julia's books. *le sigh*