21 January 2011

It's #Bloggiesta weekend! A tiny, tiny goal for me

Natasha is hosting Bloggiesta again this year!  Happy 4th Bloggiesta!  (If you're wondering, it's like a "working weekend" where bloggers do housekeeping on their sites, a little pruing, maybe a few mini-challenges and help each other out).

I did some Bloggiesta-ing last year - added my header picture and changed up the template to something a little more custom designed - but I won't be really joining in since I'm still unpacking boxes.  Although I could work on the Reading Chemistry blog...hmmmm....maybe.

But anywhoo the reason for this post has to do with programming.  I really don't understand how blog templates set out widgets, colors, columns, etc. and I have no idea how to read the code (I know a little bit about HTML but this seems to be CSS).  So this is my tiny, tiny Bloggiesta goal.  Ready?

Bloggiesta 2011 goal: Find a book/good reference so I can start to understand how blog templates/websites are put together so that next time we Bloggiesta I will be able to do some more customization/cleanup.

So this is where everyone else comes in - do you have good reference material that you use when you do tweaks and updates?  Books or websites are fine so tell me your faves!


  1. Ohh that's nice I've never heard of that (Bloggiesta) I normally change my blogs' looks on christmas and summer. Anyway most of the websites I use are in spanish but there are a few in english (maybe they'll come in handy) ;) Good luck!

    http://www.linkwithin.com/learn?ref=widget (nice widget to link previous blog posts to a current blog post)

    http://btemplates.com/ (nice templates and links to other templates catalogs)

    http://www.widgetbox.com/widgets/ (awesome widgets)

    so far these are the ones I've got and use the most, I hope they are of help!!