26 January 2011

DNF: Burnt Shadows

I won a copy of Burnt Shadows about a year ago and was initially excited to read it - the premise was intriguing and I'd heard many good things about the book.  I started reading right away but about 40 pages in the progress ground to a halt. 

So I put it aside.  From time to time I'd come back to it, re-read the last few pages, maybe read a few more pages, and "meh", reach for a different book.

Unfortunately, I have to stop reading at about 50 pages.  The opening section in Japan was beautiful, lovely writing, but now that the action has switched to India I feel disconnected from Hiroko, even though I felt for her situation.  I've tried multiple times to continue but I just have no impetus to finish this book.  So into the DNF bin it goes, hopefully to find a new reader.

*While unpacking all my books, I took a long, very, very (painfully) hard look at the books I have "in-progress"; I made the decision to DNF several titles because I just could not summon the interest to finish them.  Not that the books are awful, they just didn't speak to me (oddly enough, the books that irritate me enough to say they are awful are usually ones I finish).


  1. pardon my ignorance...but what's DNF? o.0

  2. That's too bad! I'm hoping to read that one sometime this year as part of my Orange Prize reading (it was shortlisted in 2009). Better luck with the next one!

  3. @Angelica: Did Not Finish :)

    @Carrie: I think this is mostly a case of "it's not the book it's me"