12 September 2010

Boondock Saints/Boondock Saints II

Another double-feature night!  Boondock Saints II is on Netflix instant but I hadn't watched Boondock Saints in a while, so I refreshed my memory.

First movie: funny, original, Rocco is such a great sidekick.  Great ending.

Sequel: still funny, but feels far more scripted than the first.  Romeo is a funny side-kick but less organic.  New FBI Agent Eunice is more annoying than Willem Dafoe in a tranny get-up ever was.  Liked the increased involvement of the detectives, would have liked more Billy Connolly. 

Simple verdict: sequel was enjoyable just not as enjoyable as the original.

PS: Sean Patrick Flannery is still the cutest thing ever.  Even cuter with an Irish accent.

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