14 September 2010

BBAW Blog Treasure: Meet Felicia from Geeky Blogger's Book Blog!

During BBAW, we bloggers interview each other.  I got to interview Felicia from Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.  After you read her answers to my questions, drop by her blog to say "Hi!"

Me: Did you always self-identify as a geek? (I've always self-identified as a nerd!)

Felicia: I have from a very early age! I was the kid in 2nd grade on the playground sitting in the corner reading a book. Where it really came from though is that I loved math! I would compete in Math events with other schools and would get so far ahead that my teacher would just kind of let me do my own thing. I think some people are just born geeks/nerds!

Me: I love your wine glass rating-system - can you talk about how you came up with the idea? Related: do you have a favorite winery/wine?

Felicia: I love Wine! I am by no means a connoisseur but a great night for me is a really good book and a glass of wine. I debated on the rating system but it was an accurate portrayal of me reading. I have to laugh though, I had one author ask me (she got a 4) if it took that many glasses of wine to read her book :) My favorite wine is Icewine and the best place ever that I have had it from is a winery in Canada. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the winery's name is--my parents picked it up for me and I didn't save the bottle :(

Me: Your 110-pound fur child is much larger than my two put together - does Tonks share your interest in books given the literary name?

Felicia: Tonks hates when I read. Seriously, you can see the look of "here she goes again" on her face. She did get her name from Harry Potter because Tonks was one of my favorite characters!

Me: I noticed the button for DFW Tea Book Club - what kind of group is it and how did you come to be involved with them?

Felicia: DFW Tea has been around a long time. It is a Romance Readers book club and we meet once a month for high tea somewhere. It is a ton of fun and I have made a ton of new friends through the club. It is always a great time when you can hang with other readers--especially when you can hang with other readers that have similar interests as you.

Me: If you could choose any historical era (and not have to worry about diseases, sanitary conditions, uncomfortable undergarments, etc.) when/where would you like to live and why?

Felicia: I would love to live in New Orleans during the time of 1830 to 1860. It ran very differently from any other place in America and has such a wonderful history. If I thought I could land a Scottish laird, I would pick Medieval period Scotland but I doubt that would be my luck LOL

Me: Stephen King has always freaked me out. Since he's a favorite of yours, what King novel should I read (or read again) because it's just that good (please don't say "It", it gives me nightmares)?

Felicia: The only Stephen King book I like is The Stand. I don't read horror so the rest of his books really freak me out--they are very well written but SCARY! The Stand is a fantastic story of good vs evil and hope. I read it every other year (it is huge) but every time I pick up on something I missed from the time before.
*caveat: When I first got the interview swap assignment my smartphone somehow cutoff "The Stand" from the email leaving only "Pride and Prejudice and Stephen King" - so I wrote all my questions on my Blackberry.  When I got Felicia's answers back, I thought "odd" and rechecked the email....apparently she likes "Pride and Prejudice and The Stand by Stephen King"...my bad.  So "The Stand" it is!

Me: If you had to power to change anything about yourself, what would you change? Or would you remain exactly as you are?

Felicia: If I could change one thing about myself: that drinking wine would not make me so giggly! Seriously, a glass of wine and I would laugh out loud to almost anything remotely funny! It is the craziest thing!

Thanks for being my interview partner, Felicia!


  1. Thanks for having me over! It was a ton of fun :)

  2. I had to smile at some Felicia's answers :-). I like having a drink myself while I read (but of course it isn't a requirement to have one while reading!). I love ice wine too, but it is usually so expensive that I rarely have it!

    I seriously think I should try "The Stand" one of these days.