13 September 2010

BBAW First Treasure: New Blog!

I discovered Ash's blog, English Major's Junk Food, just this summer.  I'm not sure how I missed it since Ash is a student at the same university where I work and she's been featured in the school newspaper.  Ash blogs about the books she wants to read, rather than the books she's told to read as an English major.

Sometimes her reading for fun and reading for school overlaps.  She blogs about essays, an area in which I'm trying to read more, under her feature "Awesome Essays" and occasionally some from her film and essay class pop up (one of the required texts is Philip Lopate's The Art of the Personal Essay, I book I've been meaning to read).  She also has done a few children's book vlogs, something I hope she brings back because they are quite fun.

We don't always agree.  She gave The Secret History of the Pink Carnation a "D" but I thought it was a good start, some problems to iron out writing-wise, but a good story.  But we also like Villette, Ariel, and Ophelia Joined the Group "Maidens Who Don't Float".  (I like her "grading" scale.)  I always look forward to Ash's thoughts.


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I only recently discovered Ash's blog as well, but I enjoy reading it a lot! This is actually my first visit to your blog and I'm enjoying that as well, I think I will be back often :) How can I not like a blog who features ballet shoes? Not that I ever dancing classical ballet (only modern and jazz) but I'd love to someday.

  2. I discovered Ash a month or two ago, and I just adore her blog. I don't always get to comment as much as I'd like, but I watch for new posts from her religiously.

  3. Where have I been? I've missed Ash!

  4. I think I "found" Ash after we both participated in a TLC book tour. You're right..she's pretty awesome!

  5. Happy BBAW! I'm a new follower. :)

    From the Shadows

  6. Anonymous9:22 AM

    You are the second person today to recommend her blog. I will need to go check it out!

  7. Welcome everyone!

    And, yes - go check out Ash's blog :)

  8. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I'm blushing at all the nice comments people left and the great things you have said. I've heard from a few people to bring back children's book Thursday and I have several children's books I haven't talked about, so I just might have to do that.

  9. Anonymous12:03 AM

    What a fun story! Ash's blog is great, I agree.