30 October 2009

Happy National Cat Day!

In honor of National Cat Day we, Chaucer and Dante, have taken over our mommy's blog - now we'll get some love!

First, we stole her BlackBerry so there would be no distractions.

Then we worked on looking extra sad and lonely so we would be petted lots and lots.

And then we looked very, very cute.  Can we have some treats?  Please, mommy?

Chaucer even did his trick, can we have treats now????

Give us some treats or we'll barf in your slippers....we mean it.

Mmmmm...yummy treats.  We love you!

Happy National Cat Day, everyone!


  1. I'm going to have to treat my kitty extra nice today! What great pictures!

  2. I miss Dante and Chaucer (and you too)! Happy Cat DAy!

  3. They are ADORABLE! Thanks for posting this...I almost missed it and then Alis would never forgive me!

    Here is my post to Alis: