25 October 2009

24-Hour Readathon Update #3 - but I'm not done yet!

Having hit a wall at 3am, I decided to read until I passed out in bed (with the cats - who were pretty PO'd I hadn't gone to bed yet).

3am: Hour 21
Reading: Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters by Kathleen Ragan
page start: 133
page stop: 170

4am: Hour 22
This is officially where I fell asleep because my journal says "4am: Hour" legibly and then a big scribble/squiggle for the hour because I fell asleep. With my journal on my face.

5am: Hour 23

6am: Hour 24

So I finished accounting for the official Readathon Hours. But I'm not done yet...I'll be making up some of the reading time I lost today so a bit more "readathon" for me. I'll be back for an official wrap-up post later.

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