02 October 2009

Bookspotting: October 2, 2009

Stephen King The Stand
Same lady reading Lorraine Bracco
Nick Hornby Juliet, Naked
One The Lost Symbol
Mm ppbk Charlaine Harris (yellow)
Forgotten Realms Dissolution (?, had a hand over title)
One more mm that is about 7 seats ahead and I can see it

The mentally challenged guy is having an INTENSE conversation with some random dude who is really intoxicated; drunk guy is interested in where you can get the best Hawkeye gear in town. True story.

The traffic is worse than normal today, also true story.

And what was I reading? Nothing, I was composing this one-handed while hanging onto the hand-hold, trying not to fall over.

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  1. I love it. What a fun feature. and I love your blog! *running away now to bookmark it so I come back again*