05 August 2008

Does anyone smell rotten eggs?

I didn't but that didn't mean the store wasn't going to smell like natural gas later...(I did give a quick chemistry lesson about why natural gas smells like rotten eggs).

Turns out the mall had a gas leak - at about 6:30pm. I knew this because my bus got passed by the fire chief, the Haz-mat truck, two police cars, and a fire engine. They all pulled up at the ice rink/movie theatre entrance to the mall - when I heard "gas leak" I assumed that there was a problem with the coolant system for the ice rink.

So I walked around the outside of the mall to get to Barnes because I didn't want to try and dodge all the firemen (who were all really cute, by the way - is that a job requirement?). Turns out, no one from the ice rink end of the mall had told anyone at the Barnes end of the mall that there was a gas leak. Brilliant. Life as normal at the Barnes end then.

So around 9:30pm, after the mall has closed (we close at 10pm), mall security showed up and told the new girl we had to evacuate the store. Poor girl's only worked two shifts for us. So I got the manager and we talked to security - emergency services was worried they were no longer able to contain the leak so the mall would need to be evacuated.

We made short work of that order. We had the store cleared of customers in five minutes and had the store locked up in another fifteen. We didn't get it cleaned all the way (sorry guys) but we did get everything locked down for the night. We could have stayed until the leak was taken care of, but since that looked to be about a four-hour wait, we all elected to go home.

When we left, two ladies who had been in our cafe were still having their conversation while standing by their cars. Weird.

A quick bit about Breaking Dawn: a fellow bookseller let drop a tiny spoiler (which I will not repeat here) and now I can't wait to finish the book. Bad news is that I can't stay up all night reading because I have this insane 70-hour workweek this week. Waaaaahhhh!

Current book-in-progress: Rebecca, The Green Knight, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, Feather Man, and well....someone stop me!
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