11 August 2008

Do I play video games?

Nerdy teen (carrying a copy of Game Development for Teens) asked me, "What features would you like to see in a video game?"

My reply: "Perhaps you should ask me whether or not I play video games."

Nerdy teen: "Oh....do you play video games?" (hopefully, sort of like Pooh asking if there's any more honey)

My reply: "No. I read books." (Note: I'm working in a bookstore, debating over translators with that rare customer who actually cares about the Homer translation.)

Nerdy teen: "You should, they're fun." WTF? I don't even own a video game system, let alone any PC games other than Myst. I gave him the I-hope-your-eyeballs-rot-out-of-your-head-if-you-don't-leave-me-alone glare so he slunk off toward manga. And for the record, that kid reads the worst manga possible. Like the graphically violent toward women kind. Yuck.

In other news, I am glued to the television because the Olympics are on. I watch sports during the Olympics that I never usually do in real life. Swimming? Never had friends on the swim team, but I'll watch every race they show during the Olymipcs. Track? Usually had to work during meets. I think it's just the opportunity to watch the best atheletes in the world push the limits of the human body. You can't look away.

Oh, and during the composition of this post the US men's gymnastics team just blew everyone away on high bar. Awesome.

Current book-in-progress: Seven Basic Plots (shuddup)
Current knitted item: need to seam first pair of booties; I also started a surprise for a friend, but I have to make one for me first (new pattern, looks like it might need some tweaking)
Current movie obsession: what movies? The Olympics are on! GO USA!
Current iTunes loop: John Mayer

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