10 September 2006

So I like yarn....so what?

Well, the real deal is that I have knitting-ADD. I can't seem to get anything finished. I even have crochet-ADD - evidenced by the blanket I started a year ago for my brother and sister-in-law and it's still not done; the dratted thing even uses really fat yarn and a HUGE hook. It's still only about 3/4 done (I'm starting to run out of yarn, so I'll finish eventually); it was supposed to be last year's Christmas present. As was their Christmas stocking, to match all the ones my Grandma made for us. I blame the unfinished stocking on my term paper last Christmas for taking up my knitting time....then. I still haven't finished the embroidery (which is just "Chris + Kris June 4 2005) because I can't sew the backseam until I finish the embroidery.

So this is why I think I have knitting-ADD: I like new yarn. I keep adding yarn to my stash - last spring when I bought yarn for my then-unborn nieces' booties I bought 10 skiens of beautiful Cascade 220 in emerald green for a shawl (it's a pretty shawl, but it takes forever to knit one row by the time you're halfway into the pattern). Went to buy yarn for my nieces' sun hats and also came home with some pretty variegated cotton yarn. Not sure what I'm going to do with that. Went to UCLA for a conference, tracked down the nearest yarn store (http://www.knitcafe.com/), and bought yarn there. Not sure what I'm going to do with that, either (more cotton yarn in blue and yellow, chrome yellow handspun from Uruguay, and two skeins of Prussian blue laceweight; it's all Fraternity colors so I'll think of something). It's pretty, tho.

But I really need to finish things. Ack. My UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) include the aforementioned Christmas stocking and blanket, the shawl, a pair of socks (I'm braving sock knitting, mostly so when the washer eats one sock I can just make another instead of buying a whole pair - we'll see how it goes), a pair of hand warmers in this blue/green/black variegated yarn from Noro, three scarves (two knitted, one crochet), two teddy-bears (uglier than sin - bad pattern) for the nieces, and winter hats for the nieces. The hats are not quite started, but yarn and patterns have been appropriated for them, so I consider them UFO's. And I still need to make and FINISH Christmas stockings for the girls. Ai-yi-yi.

In other knitting-related news, I have a gorgeous knitting bag courtesy of Jordana Paige (http://www.jordanapaige.com/knittingbag.html) because I'm a bag slut. It's in a beautiful ocean blue. I love it. And it holds tons of knitting-related crap along with my obligatory book. To borrow from Charles Schultz, "Happiness is a knitting bag filled with pretty yarn and patterns."

Current book-in-progress: Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (or if I feel like doing school-work, Aphra Behn's play The Rover)
Current knitted item: alternately staring at the Christmas stocking (down to the un-fun embroidery and seaming) and the shawl (which has a pretty pattern and is still fun knitting)

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