11 September 2006

I hate Mondays.

Here's why:
1. Forgot to set the alarm. Woke up really late.
2. After ballet, some girl from one of the other classes passed out (or something, I didn't witness this) so the entire building was one huge clusterf*ck with campus police, firemen, and paramedics. None of the emergency services workers were cute.
3. Forgot my lunch (again) and had to spend money I don't have (again).
4. Had a chiropractor appointment (yay!), but the one joint that's been bothering me didn't want to co-operate and re-align itself (boo!!).
5. Got back to work and wound up getting nothing done because I got a phone call regarding parking at the AXS house. I ended up by giving up my parking space for the next two weeks or so because I am a good person and I remember what the First Object says.
6. Went to my Restoration Lit class. Found out that I read the wrong assignment. I read next Monday's assignment instead. Sh*t.
7. Returned to work. By this point I'm pissed and can't get any work done period.
8. Went to the AXS house to help with tutoring. Had lots of good talk with Ani because no one showed up (besides Rachel and Tina, who came to help tutor but wound up needed help with their Pchem II homework). Just wait until next week - they'll get their first exam back and all the freshmen go "Aw, crap." But I pretty much didn't get doodle done today.
9. Didn't get any time to knit.
10. Forgot to go to the grocery store (again).

Current book-in-progress: Aphra Behn's play The Rover, to be followed shortly by her novella Oroonoko, or The Royal Slave so I can participate in the discussion on Wednesday
Current knitted item: Whatever is in the knitting bag - I think it's the Christmas stocking.

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