13 September 2006

4 more inches

Wednesday evening has turned into watch-Project-Runway-and-crochet-like-mad night trying to get that afghan finished. I did that the last two weeks meaning the afghan grew by about a foot. Only got about four inches tonight because I got really involved in the new episode (the hated Angela was back, thank God Jeffrey's still in) and crocheted a boo-boo into it so I had to frog two rows. Yar. Bad news is that next week's episode is the last before the reunion show and then the finale. Better crochet fast. It doesn't travel very easily anymore since it's about five feet long and takes up the entirety of an Ann Taylor LOFT shopping bag - the really big one. Maybe I should crochet during the football game; it might help keep me from having a nervous breakdown during the Iowa-Iowa State game. Go Hawks!

I was really excited today because I got an email telling me the new issue of Knitty (http://www.knitty.com) was published. Yay! It even has a really cool article about how to knit two socks at the same time - on the same needles. I think I'm a little too ADD for that yet.

Current book-in-progress: Dunno. I guess back to Les Liaisons Dangereuses since I finished Oroonoko in a marathon session today before class. I have reading ADD, too, if no one's noticed.
Current knitted item: The afghan is safely tucked away in the closet (cat-proof) so I'm back to finishing the sock. I've got about half the ends from the intarsia section tucked in and I'm up to the "+" in the embroidery. Go me.

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