26 April 2014

Dewey's #readathon Spring 2014: Off we go!

So it is 7am (yawn) and IT'S TIME FOR READATHON!!!!!

I programmed the coffee-maker - it's brewing up Red Velvet Archer Farms coffee as I stumble out into the kitchen.

It's also Saturday.  At 7am.  Ack. But I have brownies.

And a stack of books:

Nook - American Gods
The Whipping Boy
The Door in the Wall
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Go-Between
Fanny Hill
The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century Poetry
The Age of Miracles (half-read)
The Ashford Affair (half-read)
Tampa (half-read)
Sex Criminals
Saga, Vol 3
Hawkeye: Little Hits
Bluefire app on iPad - The Truth About the Henry Quebert Affair, All That is Solid Melts Into AirHow to Lose a Duke in Ten Days, and It Takes a Scandal (I have four DRCs expiring in a week, eep)

A little combination of review reading, Newbery Project Reading, Overdue Reads Project reading, half-finished reading, and hella-awesome graphic novels reading.

Now, time for some shut-eye because the cats are doing that saddest-cat-ever-because-no-attention-for-meeeeee thing:


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Brownies can make just about any situation a little better! Good luck with the readathon. You've got some great looking books, especially the Rainbow Rowell. Have fun and keep reading! Love, Team Butler.

  2. Oh your stack! I have all the envy over your copy of Landline, and I ADORE that you're reading The Phantom Tollbooth!!! Have a super fantastic Readathon! XOXO, your friendly neighborhood cheerleader

  3. Saga!! I love your stack! Happy reading.

    1. I just finished it - it was the last book (during make-up time reading today!) So good.

  4. What a great stack of books! Love the variety. I'm here to cheer -- Yay for Reading!

    Joy's Book Blog

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM

    What a gorgeous cat! -beautiful eyes... how can you resist?! I loved The Ashford Affair -and am jealous of your Landline... I hope the kittens let you read that one next!

  6. Your stack is so eclectic! I hope you're having a great Readathon and the kittehs are getting lots of cuddles.

    1. They were doing that whole we-sleep-on-you-while-you-read thing. Which is adorable but makes me so sleepy :)

    2. Have you ever heard of a book The Secret of the Glitz? It was set on a seashore with a young niece who lost her parents and was depressed. The glitz was the sparkle on the waves as they rolled in on the afternoon sun. I read it as a ten year old in the 80's but haven't been able to find it?

  7. Hope the reading is going well!!

    Happy Reading!

    Jill from Team Butler