17 April 2014

Classic Nasty: More Naughty Bits: A Rollicking Guide to Hot Sex in Great Books, from the Iliad to the Corrections

Summary from Goodreads:
Jack Murnighan, former editor in chief of the erotica website Nerve.com, is back with a new collection of the steamiest sex scenes from the greatest books of all time. Here is the literary sex-education readers have always lusted for, with over 80 excerpts by authors ranging from Homer to James Baldwin, Kierkegaard to Judy Blume, Scheherazade to Franzen. Who knew there was so much bumping and grinding in Goethe? How about Dali's fascination with masturbation? Ever curious about what made James Joyce purr? Murnighan supplements each bite-sized excerpt with a lively, insightful introduction that will help readers see the world's great books as they've never seen them before.

It took me a bit but I finally tracked down a copy of the next Naughty Bits collection from Jack Murnighan's Nerve.com column (it's no longer available to order through usual channels, had to resort to a used search).

No surprises here, since it's basically volume two, and I enjoyed the range of literature Murnighan included.  The Native American Trickster myth.  St. Augustine's plea that he be made continent...but not yet.  Restoration poetry.  Pushkin.  A Confederacy of Dunces (ok, not that enjoyable for me since I really don't get why people go gaga over that book).  John Fowles.  Peter Abelard (yes, that Abelard).  Tess of the D'Urbervilles.  Rita Mae Brown.  Lots of room for many different tastes among Murnighan's columns.

And, yes, I found more things for the TBR list.

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