18 March 2014

Science Fiction: The Best 101 Novels 1985 - 2010

Summary from Goodreads:
Inspired by David Pringle's landmark 1985 work Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels, this volume supplements the earlier selection with the present authors' choices for the best English-language science fiction novels during the past quarter century. Employing a critical slant, the book provides a discussion of the novels and the writers in the context of popular literature. Moreover, each entry features a cover image of the novel, a plot synopsis, and a mini review, making it an ideal go-to guide for anyone wanting to become reacquainted with an old favorite or to discover a previously unknown treasure. With a foreword by David Pringle, this invaluable reference is sure to provoke conversation and debates among sci-fi fans and devotees.

There isn't a whole lot to say about this book.  It's a good list of science fiction (not fantasy) books for those who might need an entree into the genre. Like me - I've only read 3.5 of the entries so have found a number of books to check out here.  And there are definitely more than just 101 books since some entries cover more than 1 book; I don't think authors are ever duplicated so this is more like 101 authors from 1985-2010. Beware of spoilers, though, since more than one reveal was blown in the summary.

Drawbacks: some of the cover art was from non-us editions, so may not be useful if searching for the book, and the print was too small.

Dear FTC: I purchased my copy of this book.

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