27 March 2014

Amazing X-men #1-5

I don't read a whole lot of comics, just something I never got into, but on Preeti's recommendation I tried the new run of Amazing X-men by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness.

And, you guys, it's so good!

So, Nightcrawler died in a previous storyline (Messiah Complex? I haven't read it) and Amazing X-men opens on him in heaven and then his father Azazel shows up with all his red BAMFs and starts a battle.  Meanwhile, at the Xavier-now-Jean Grey School household appliances have gone missing.  A group of X-men led by Hank McCoy investigates and they find that blue BAMFs have built some weird machine in the basement.  When the machine is activated is sucks some of the X-men into Heaven and some into Hell and that's when THINGS GET REALLY CRAZY.

It's so, so, so good.  I laughed a lot and loved all the silly jokes.  I'd forgotten how funny X-men comics were.  Case in point: someone's talking about BAMFs and how all they say is "BAMF" and occasionally "Whiskey" and then one of the BAMFs in the frame just goes "Whiskey?"  LOLOL.  Also, there's a beautiful flashback sequence with Nightcrawler and Storm.  Love.  Definite recommend and I'll be continuing with this series beyond the initial story arc because it has a wonderful set-up.

I read this series on my Comixology app, which is really nice.  If you've been hesitant about getting into comics/don't know which ones to read/don't have a comicbook shop around this is a good option.  Easy (too easy) to browse and download and the colors look amazing on my iPad.

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