21 January 2013

The Sandman, Vol 8: World's End

Summary from Goodreads:
Reminiscent of the legendary Canterbury Tales, THE SANDMAN: WORLDS' END is a wonderful potpourri of engrossing tales and masterly storytelling. Improbably caught in a June blizzard, two wayward compatriots stumble upon a mysterious inn and learn that they are in the middle of a "reality storm." Now surrounded by a menagerie of people and creatures from different times and realities, the two stranded travelers are entertained by mesmerizing myths of infamous sea creatures, dreaming cities, ancient kings, astonishing funeral rituals and moralistic hangmen.

The eighth volume of Sandman, World's End, is an interesting interval in Dream's main story-line.  I loved the "nesting box" of stories, one within the other all being told in an inn at the crossroads of a reality stream.  Definitely inspired by The Canterbury Tales and The Decameron.  I particularly loved the art styles as I moved from story to story.  Excellent introduction by Stephen King.

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