15 January 2013

Dancers Among Us

Jordan Matter thought up an idea and went with it: why not have dancers interpret everyday emotions and situations?  Dancers of all stripes - ballerinas, modern dancers, tappers, breakdancers, newcomers, old hands.  Happy things, sad things, joyful moments, getting coffee, hailing a cab, taking the baby for a walk, singing in the shower.  A great book of photos and dancers. Props to the dancers for performing in less than ideal/possibly dangerous conditions (cf. the former rythmic gymnast in a deep penchee arabesque on the railing of a lookout point, damn!). The human body is amazing.

Love the passerby in a lot of shots who are pretty amazed at what's going on.  Matter also had some interesting notes about how passersby were also pretty happy about getting in on the action with Dancers Among Us.

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