10 October 2012

Your Hate Maill Will Be Graded

I ran across John Scalzi's blog Whatever a few months ago via Wil Wheaton's twitter.  Caught some posts here and there, noticed he had a book titled Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded.  Love.  The.  Title.  I.  Must.  Read.  It.  So I borrowed a copy from a friend and settled down to read. 

Scalzi had me from the second post in the book, "Jesus's Dickheads".  Mwahahaha.  My thoughts exactly.  Nearly every post was really funny. I love pointed, witty humor and many of the Whatever posts collected here are chock full of witticisms.

Some of the entries are serious in tone - supporting gay marraige, advice for young writers (and the financial advice could be applied to everyone...note to self...) - and I appreciated those all the more due to the posts with surrounding levity.

Two regrets. 1) would have loved to see more of the comments/hatemail since Scalzi's responses are totally boss, and 2) while I appreciated the thought behind the random nature of the order of collected posts, but I think I would have appreciated a more linear or topical organization (just my OCD nature).

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FTC disclaimer: I borrowed this from a friend.

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