06 October 2012

The Black Hawk

From Goodreads:
He is her enemy.
He is her lover.
He is her only hope.

Someone is stalking French agent Justine DeCabrillac through London's gray streets. Under cover of the rain, the assassin strikes--and Justine staggers to the door of the one man who can save her. The man she once loved. The man she hated. Adrian Hawkhurst.

Adrian wanted the treacherous beauty known as "Owl" back in his bed, but not wounded and clinging to life. Now, as he helps her heal, the two must learn to trust each other to confront the hidden menace that's trying to kill them--and survive long enough to explore the passion simmering between them once again.

Joanna Bourne's The Black Hawk was one of the Romantic Reads highlighted titles.  And it sounded very interesting.  Two spies, on opposite sides of a war...or not....  I'll give it a try.

And look at that - someone put a spy plot in my romance novel.  A real spy plot filled with a lot of earthy history and grim reality.

I really liked the connected narrative between Adrian and Justine's history and the current ploblem at hand: Who is trying to kill Justine?  Is it someone from their past?  Or just from one of their pasts?  Are they purposely trying to frame Adrain?  I loved little touches like how Justine always "sounded" French, always, or how Adrian felt caught between the worlds of his birth (the gutter) and his achievement (he's been knighted/runs British Intelligence).

Sometimes it felt like there was too much back-and-forth between the "current" plot and the "backstory" plot, but all the historical bits were very interesting to read so I didn't mind much.  The creche idea is very interesting.  I wonder if it really happened.  This is the fourth book in Joanna Bourne's Spymaster series.  I'll keep them in mind for future reads.

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