11 August 2012

The Bourne Legacy

I liked the first three Bournes (maybe the second not as much, since they shot his wife) so a new Bourne movie sounded great.  As a plus, Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz were cast in this movie.  The original release date was listed for my birthday but it didn't arrive until the week later (boo).

I liked it.  Sure, it's an attempt to extend the Bourne franchise without Jason Bourne himself but I think it's good move.  Renner's character, Aaron Cross, has different motivations than Bourne and Weiszs's character, as an insider, gives a different spin on the program Cross is in.  Edward Norton plays a fantastic beaurocrat/govenment bad guy willing to burn everything just to keep it out of the Congressional hearings (the movie seems to start just around the time Bourne 3 gets going and then continues after Pam Landy has started whistleblowing).  The narrative arc of the story gets a bit murky once the action moves to the Philippines but I enjoyed the movie greatly.

(Rumor has it that both Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne will be in the next movie - please, please give me a five-ten minute fight between them before they realise they're on the same side.)

Previews (lots!):
1. Despicable Me 2 - cute teaser trailer, the little yellow dudes are the way to go
2. Silver Linings Playbooklooks really good, Bradley Cooper as a nutjob is sort of appealing (plus Jennifer Lawrence)
3. Life of Pi - haven't read the book yet, but this is Ang Lee and looks gorgeous
4. Flight - well, this doesn't seem as interesting to me
5. Zero Dark Thirty - I'm not sure about this one but I'm sure other people will see this in droves
6. Les Miserables - I love the musical but I really can't figure out why this one is a Christmas release...not very Christmas-y

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