07 August 2012

Magic Mike

So, having heard Magic Mike was pretty good (and I'm all for hot men wearing not much in the way of clothes) I went to see it with Jessica.  I would have gone earlier but decided that going to see a movie about male strippers by myself smacked of desperation.

It's good.  It makes the most of Channing Tatum's limited range and has really nice cinematography (uses the beachy locales well).  I am absolutely convinced that Matthew McConnaghey's character was a closeted gay man - there was just something off about how he interacted with women and how touchy-feely he got with The Kid during the "dance lesson" plus he's a terrible stripper.

Two points:
- I wouldn't have opened the movie with Dallas's soliloquy.  It was too much a shift from him to Tatum's character heading to his contruction job without explaining much.
- Alex Pettyfer has some really unfortunate tattoos, not attractive at all

1. The Campaign - eh, maybe...sometimes Will Farrell gets on my nerves with these characters
2. Paranormal Activity 4 - please, make it stop!
3. The Words - is it a thriller? or a love story?  I can't tell
4. House at the End of the Street - I've never been a big horror fan, maybe when it's out on DVD?

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