08 July 2012


So I went with some friends (who are better Spiderman fans than I am) to see the new The Amazing Spider-man.  After the mess of the last three, I was definitely not going in with high hopes.

Well, it was really enjoyable.  Andrew Garfield is really funny and he fits the role of high school misfit/smart kid very well.  Emma Stone is the cutest as Gwen Stacy (except her clothes, who dresses like that in high school?).  Rhys Ifans is quite believable as the bad dude.  Good scriptwriting, too, which was sorely lacking in the previous two films.

I was glad we didn't go to see it in 3D - there were many swooping shots and I'm pretty sure those would have been motion-sickness inducing.

Previews (and you know these are going to be killer):
1. The Dark Knight Rises - longer trailer sequence (finally); it finally looks like a good movie
2. The Bourne Legacy - THIS OPENS ON MY BIRTHDAY!! (at least, the trailer said August 3 - stupid IMDB says August 10, boo)  I'm totally going to see me some Jeremy Renner (also, I heard a rumour that the next Bourne will have both Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross - please be true!)
3. Paranorman - no, no, no, no, no (what are they, desperate??)
4. The Watch - eh, maybe...it does look funny. 
5. Total Recall - I was pretty skeptial about this until I saw the preview.  Not too bad.  I also find Kate Beckinsale more believable as a super-assassin masquerading as Quaid's wife than Sharon Stone (drawback - Beckinsale and Jessica Biel look way too much alike, got them confused at times in the trailer).

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