04 July 2012


Being at loose ends for the July 4th holiday (wow, a whole day where I don't have to work either job...what will I do with myself?) I decided to take myself to see Pixar's Brave

Note to self: please don't go to a children's matinee alone.  On a holiday.  Ever again.  Not worth the ticket discount.

I loved this movie.  It didn't tug on the heartstrings as much as Toy Story or Up but it was snappy and funny like Monsters, Inc.  Kelly MacDonald was such a great choice as Merida (according to IMDB, they'd originally wanted Reese Witherspoon - WTF? bad idea) and then Pixar threw in a whole raft of known Scottish actors (Billy Connolly, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson) plus my very favorite Emma Thompson.

I loved the soundtrack (went out and bought it on the way home).  And, in typical Disney fashion, the comic relief was perfect - Merida's three little, always-hungry brothers. 

(And there was a short ahead of Brave, the lovely La Luna - don't be late!)

1. Hotel Transylvania - appears to have a good voice cast but, meh?
2. Paranorman - I've seen this trailer 5 times now, the exact same trailer...now I don't want to see the movie (not that I ever did)
3. Ice Age: Continental Drift - I was cracking up.  Maybe one for DVD veiwing later
4. Finding Nemo 3D - I'll see this with friends.  Dori!!
5. Monsters University - A most excellent teaser trailer.  Totally going to see this.

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