19 February 2011

It's Craft Crawl Week 2011!

Seven Iowa City-area craft stores are hosting the second Craft Crawl this week: Beadology, Ben Franklin, Common Threads, Fired Up, Home Ec, The Knitting Shoppe, and Shields Sewing Center.  All you have to do is visit each business during the week, make a purchase of any size (Edyie will sell you a button for 40 cents), and get your Craft Crawl card stamped.  When your card is full, you get entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift card from each business.  I have a time crunch this week, so I managed to hit six of the seven businesses today (Common Threads is only a few blocks from my house so I can visit later in the week).

I started out bright and early by stopping at Shields and Ben Franklin for quick purchases (I bought a seam ripper and a corner punch, respectively).  Then I stopped at The Knitting Shoppe to peruse the yarn and chat with Edyie (ps, Edyie was recently featured in the local paper).  We chatted in-between customers and I found some yarn that would be perfect for the Camellia Shrug from the most recent KnitScene:

Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold (45/35 wool/silk) in a pretty blue (color #10).  This should have a really nice drape around the neck when worked up.

And then I found more sock yarn (what else is new).

Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in Thunderstorm.  I luurrve sock yarn.

Especially the variegated kind - so many possibilities.

(Just an aside: Edyie is teaching an angora bootie class February 20, 1-4pm, and a class on linen stitch February 27, 1-4pm, if anyone is interested.)

I snagged some lunch and headed to Fired Up, which is such fun because you get to paint your own pottery (Fired Up provides the blank pieces, you paint/decorate them, and then Fired Up fires the pieces in the kiln).  Last year, I made food and water bowls for my kittehs so this year I decided to make something for me; I painted a giant coffee mug...tee-hee.  It will be ready in a week after it has been fired (picture then).

I stopped by Beadology to grab some seed beads.  I don't work with beads much (jewelry-making is too fiddly for this knitter) but I do like to free-hand designs on projects. 

So I got some white, green, and grab-bag colors.  Kinda pretty.  Not sure what project I'll use them on, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

I stopped at Home Ec on the way to the store (I had to work today at 3pm, boo, otherwise I would have just finished the Crawl today).  I heard a rumor that they had got some new stock of project bags (ok, ok....I read it on their FB page).

 Seriously cute draw-string bags made by JennieGee with the "Keep Calm" logo.  Of course I had to buy a blue one.

And then I bought more sock yarn - this time by Lone Tree Wools (Betty Shreeve in Lone Tree, IA).  It's a pretty, soft blue-grey-brown color. 

Now to get all my new yarns entered into Ravelry (which reminds me, I've acquired some books and mags I need to get logged, too).

I'll visit Common Threads this week then my Crawl will be complete!


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    What fun! I wish there was a craft crawl where I live. :) I love that bag!!! And, sock yarn is awesome, I agree.

  2. Wow! That looks like fun. The yarns and beads are gorgeous!

  3. @Hannah - it's pretty fun; I wish there were more store or maybe a "progressive" craft that crawlers could do.

    @Marie - the picture doesn't do the little test tube of beads justice. It reminds my of my grandmother's old button jar, only in miniature.