24 February 2011

The Craft Crawl is done, man!

I finished out my 2011 Craft Crawl with a visit to Common Threads, the quilting shop here in North Liberty.

In a snowstorm, of course, but Common Threads is on my way home and besides, you get to see Hank while you're there (he is literally the shyest dog I've ever met...the only reason he approaches me is because I smell like kittehs).

Although I don't quilt (it's just not very portable as opposed to knitting), there are shelves and shelves of pretty quilting cottons.  So I picked up several yards of two kinds of fabric to make into either a needle roll or book cover (I got enough in case I make a mistake, I'm not as practiced at this whole sewing thing):

I think the tea rose print for the outsides and the blue flower print for the insides, no?

And then (because I missed the debut due to work), I picked up some yarn on sale at Common Threads:

 BugSnugger Sparkle Sock in Water - sooooo pretty.

Bug Snugger yarn is made by Diane Pals in Marengo (Ravelry profile).  This yarn caught my eye because it is a) fingering/sock weight, b) blue/blue toned, and c) SPARKLY.  There's a little bit of silver spun into the yarn.  Pretty sure I'll make a lovely lacy scarf/shawlette out of this - it shouldn't be hidden in my shoes as socks!

And that's my Craft Crawl - I turned in my card at Common Threads - it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what they do next year.

(For all you non-craft people, I promise there's a book review or two percolating in here.)

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