17 May 2010

Guess what my Blu-Ray player does now?

It streams Pandora Internet Radio!!!!

A software update downloaded and, presto!  Not only can I stream Netflix wirelessly on my Insignia Blu-Ray player but Pandora stations, too.  I'm so excited!  I almost peed my pants (no joke).  I think I made ten stations in about 30 seconds when I set up the account.

I don't have a super fancy cable package anymore and I was missing the music channels (since MTV and VH1 play almost ZERO music anymore - curious - and I like to listen to classical piano music at night) so this is such a great surprise.

Off to listen to the "Jean-Yves Thibaudet" station.


  1. nice! enjoy your souped up toy!

  2. Pandora is amazing. I had NO IDEA that you could stream it with Blu-Ray! AWESOME!