13 April 2010

Wendy Knits!

Fer shizz, Wendy Johnson is my new favorite human/knitter/cat lover.

Aside from being monumentally dense and/or unobservant I can't figure out why I haven't been stalking Wendy like I stalk Stephanie.

Wendy has two books full of patterns for toe-up socks the first being Socks from the Toe Up.  I love toe-up socks - cuff-down socks make me hyperventilate.  The directions are easy to follow and she has loads of tips and tricks for toe-up socks.

And all her sock patterns are gorgeous.  There are three pairs of socks I want to knit out of Toe-Up Socks for Everybody.  I can't stop drooling.

Wendy also has a waterfall socks pattern for Mini Mochi sock yarn on Ravelry that I also drool all over (conveniently I have some Mini Mochi in my stash).

(Wendy's first book Wendy Knits is no longer available new it seems - boo for me)

BUT Wendy blogs at Wendy Knits - hooray!  Wendy also lets her kitty Lucy chime in from time to time, too.


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  2. I have not made socks yet but it is something that I want to learn to do so much. I keep looking at patterns. I must learn this over the summer. Thanks so much for the review.