24 February 2010

The Time-Traveler's Wife (on screen)

The bookgroup watched The Time-Traveler's Wife together the other night (TTW as a novel was a group pick some time in 2008).  I liked it, there were good performances from all the actors, and the movie was so lovely, very pretty cinematography.

I'm a little on-the-fence about the script adaptation.  While the writer did a good job of keeping the storyline easy to follow for the audience I did miss the minutiae and side-roads Niffenegger winds down in the book.  I also loved the book's convention of opening a scene with the date and how old Clare and Henry are in the scene; it would have translated well onto the screen so I wish the writer/director/editor had used the idea.  I did, however, like the way Gomez was rehabilitated from a skeez-bag (loathed that character in the book) to a good dad and family friend.  I normally hate how character movitations are altered in the book-to-movie adaptation but in this instance I think my liking the change stems from a) liking Ron Livingston as both an actor and as a human in general and b) his mom is our pastor so I have a slight personal investment in seeing his mom be proud of him.

A nice movie to watch with friends on a Sunday night.

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