05 February 2010

Peter Pan (2003)

Oddly enough, I missed seeing this version of Peter Pan when it came out.  I remember being really excited about it - Jason Isaacs is Mr. Darling/Capt. Hook and all the shots with the Lost Boys looked really cute.  This was also the first all-live-action motion picture rather than a performance of the play or musical taped for television broadcast (I love Mary Martin's Peter Pan).

This is a really fun adaptation and one where the addition of the CGI and green-screen work really brings all the magic of the original JM Barrie story to life.  Rachel Hurd Wood and Jeremy Sumpter are very likeable and did very well as Wendy and Peter.  The pirate ship sequences are really amazing - they built a life-size ship to for the shoot and it is a great set-piece.  Jeremy Isaacs is wonderful as a Renaissance-man Hook: bloodthirsty, vengeful, and appreciative of art and music.  Richard Briers is very funny as his first mate, Smee.  Such fun to watch.  The extras on the DVD are fun, too (particularly Isaac's video diary).

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