10 January 2010

Buff and Shine

I've given the site a buff-and-shine. 

A little new paint, a new layout, and a new picture for my header.  The major reason for changing the layout was that the old template wouldn't let me move the header to the top; I grew tired of having it in the upper-left corner and my CSS abilities are miniscule.  So I picked a new one out of Blogger and fiddled around with the colors until I had a set I liked.  I decided to add a picture to my header and took about 20 minutes setting up the shot for the picture in the header (most of that time was spent making the ribbons from my old pointe shoes fall "artistically").  You can't see the covers on the books in the picture but I chose them because the colors in the cover art coordinated with the colors in my knitting project; the jackets of the lovely hardcover editions of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles have the prettiest designs and colors (you can see the covers here in the first six entries on the search).

I do feel a bit like a heel because Natasha hosted Bloggiesta this weekend.  Bloggiesta is an online fiesta of bloggers where everyone takes the weekend to do blog maintenence, catch up on posts, write templates, etc.  People host mini-challenges and have a really great time.  Participating in Bloggiesta was actually one of my New Year's blog resolutions but I was down to work all weekend and I hadn't managed to scrounge up a Blogger manual to help me out (did I mention that I'm CSS/HTML impaired?) so I didn't want to sign up for Bloggiesta and then not put the time into it.  Well....turned out that I didn't have to work today (wrote the wrong day down)...and while I was at the store I found a new edition of Elizabeth Castro's Visual QuickProject book about Blogger...so when I came back home I sat down at the laptop and wrote posts and played around with my blog.  I had a teeny Bloggiesta.  So the lesson I learned is that I should sign up for Bloggiesta anyway!  Next time round maybe I will have found a CSS guide (I have an HTML one) because I think I would like to make some changes to my widgets and I think that's going to be more involved than deciding which Blogger template and colors to use.


  1. I like your changes. The header is fantastic.

  2. I like the header picture as weel as the soft blue background.