12 December 2009

My nook came (yippee!!)

I have always loved new toys.  Now that I'm a grown-up my "toys" are more of the techie kind.  Which means I decided to be a first-adopter for the first time and pre-ordered a nook.  It came on December 10 - just after we'd had a nasty snowstorm so I had a little early-Christmas-present fun.  I scampered home between the two jobs to rescue my precious package from my front door.

The nook, cover, and scratch kit were all very neatly packed into the box.  My pretty cover arrived (looking exactly like it's picture on the website) and to keep it from being crushed it came with a nook-sized insert:

The nook itself is very tightly packed into it's box:

There are instructions for getting nook out of the box but I'm glad it's packed so securely.  The nook itself is packed into a plastic case and then that case is taped onto a cardboard backing that holds it still in the box and then surrounded by bubble wrap.  Short of actually running over the box with a truck that's a pretty secure package.

That's nook still snapped to it's plastic backing after I managed to pry the plastic case apart (the hardest part of getting nook out but it didn't take very long.  It only took about 5 minutes to go from box to:

All ready to register and charge.  I called my nook "Borges" in honor of his short story The Library of Babel.  I'd been trying to find a good "library" name since nook is basically a repository of ebooks...and couldn't think of a better example than Borges.  The scratch kit went on without (much of) a hitch beyond my inability to actually put one of those films on something sans bubbles (oy) and the registration process was simple because it just logged right in with my BN.com account/password.  I've yet to do a purchase because I need to load a gift card into the ebook system but that should be pretty easy.

I just wish the outside of the nook box was as pretty as the inside of the box:


  1. I am still waiting on my nook, but I really like the out of box experience you posted, including pictures, that one of the inside of the box is particularly great.
    What cover did you end up getting?

  2. The Mme de Sevigne cover - there's a picture of it on my first nook post.

  3. The Nook is more appealing to me than the Kindle or Sony. I will look to see how you are enjoying it.