26 December 2009

A Christmas Carol, read by Patrick Stewart

I got an audiobook of A Christmas Carol so I could "read" a different book while driving and I found the version performed by Patrick Stewart.  I can't comment much on the actual story of A Christmas Carol; the message has become pervasive in our society and I'd be surprised if I ever ran into someone who didn't at least know where Ebenezer Scrooge came from.  I've read the story at least once a year in some form since high school (or watched it, heelllooo, Muppet's Christmas Carol) so the fact that this audio set is abridged didn't really bother me; I already know the story.  What I was interested in was Patrick Stewart's performance - and it was AMAZING.  He uses so many different accents - the RSC one for narration, a clipped, staccato one for Scrooge, a more nasal London accent for Bob Crachit - that it is easy to keep the many characters straight.  I really enjoyed this reading and will definitely listen to it next Christmas season.

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