14 July 2008

Sunday Movie Marathon

This weekend was pretty crazy - Shakespeare Festival, picked up my glasses in Cedar Rapids, played with my nieces for a couple of hours (looked at their mom's rash, too), worked (at lot) at the bookstore, cleaned up my house (sort-of), and watched two movies.

Say Anything is one of those hold-overs from my middle-school/junior high days. Sigh. I wanted a boy to hold up his boom-box to play "In Your Eyes" for me. I hadn't watched the movie in quite a while (and the lustre has dimmed a bit) but the party scene and the boom-box scene are still the best. Lili Taylor singing these terrible, one-key songs about that creep she slept with/dated. Priceless. I'm pretty sure that Can't Hardly Wait was a total rip-off of Say Anything, now that I think about it, minus the father-going-to-jail plot.

I also watched The Savages and it's been in my queue a while (I had it on "save" once the entry was available in Netflix). What can I say about this movie? It is amazing. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are so wonderful in this picture. Phillip Bosco also gives a stand-out performace as the aging, ill father Lenny Savage who was, apparently, an abusive prick when his children were younger. The feel of this movie is so "real" that you might as well be sitting at a nursing home watching the real thing.

I have an awesome queue set up for the next few weeks: Secretary, Hard Candy, Brazil (the non-"Love Conquers All" ending, that one's down about #11 on the list), Donnie Darko, Penelope, Slings and Arrows Season 1, Withnail and I, In the Valley of Elah, and Kiss of the Spider Woman (which is FINALLY out on DV D). In the Valley of Elah might keep moving down because I keep finding other things I want to watch first.

Current book-in-progress: Agnes Grey (and associated articles), Why We Read Fiction, Bambi vs. Godzilla (by David Mamet about the film industry), and I did read another two pages of Swann's Way (which makes a grand total of 8; I probably would have gotten farther but someone on the bus interrupted to ask what I was reading - seriously people, what do you think the iPod and earbuds are for??)
Current knitted item: Tan linen evening bag (ooh, got some new yarn for a pullover)
Current movie obsession: In Bruges (has a great short scene with an obese American chasing around Colin Farrell because Farrell's character hinted that the trip up the church tower might be difficult because, of well, you know....); The Dark Knight comes out THIS WEEK
Current iTunes loop: Filmspotting (I keep forgetting to rip the Sigur Ros CD to my computer)

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