01 November 2016

You'll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein

Summary from Goodreads:
YOU'LL GROW OUT OF IT hilariously, and candidly, explores the journey of the twenty-first century woman.

As both a tomboy and a late bloomer, comedian Jessi Klein grew up feeling more like an outsider than a participant in the rites of modern femininity.
In YOU'LL GROW OUT OF IT, Klein offers - through an incisive collection of real-life stories - a relentlessly funny yet poignant take on a variety of topics she has experienced along her strange journey to womanhood and beyond. These include her "transformation from Pippi Longstocking-esque tomboy to are-you-a-lesbian-or-what tom man," attempting to find watchable porn, and identifying the difference between being called "ma'am" and "miss" ("Miss" sounds like you weigh ninety-nine pounds).
Raw, relatable, and consistently hilarious, YOU'LL GROW OUT OF IT is a one-of-a-kind book by a singular and irresistible comic voice.

This has been my year of reading humorous personal essay collections by funny ladies (Lindy West, Luvvie, Jenny Lawson, Faith Saile, next up in line is Phoebe Robinson and in the library hold queue is Amy Schumer). Crush the patriarchy!

Rather than laugh-out-loud funny or sassy, in You'll Grow Out of It Klein goes for sarcastic self-deprecation (lady, we can be wolves together) when interrogating what, exactly it means to try for sleek femininity when all we really want to do is drink wine at lunch and watch old movies in our ratty sweats.

Dear FTC: I bought my copy of this book.

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