09 August 2016

Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover by Paul Buckley

Summary from Goodreads:
From Drop Caps to Deluxes, Penguin Creative Director Paul Buckley presents a visual overview of the innovative covers that have put Penguin Classics at the forefront of the book design world

In Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover, Paul Buckley showcases more than ten years of stunning cover designs from Penguin Classics. This curated tour begins with the now-iconic redesign of the signature Penguin Classics black-spine series in 2003 and moves through award-winning series like the Penguin Classics Graphic Deluxe Editions, Penguin Drop Caps, and Penguin Horror. Exhibiting a mesmerizing array of front covers and full cover layouts, Paul Buckley illuminates the unique and inventive approaches to typography, image, and design that grace Penguin’s covers of the best works in literature. Throughout the book, the artists and designers including Chris Ware, Ivan Brunetti, Jillian Tamaki, Jessica Hische, and Ruben Toledo who have collaborated with Penguin Classics offer commentary on the design process. For lovers of classic literature, book design, and all things Penguin, Classic Penguin has you covered.

It's so pretty!!!! I want all the Penguins!!

Even though I have a copy of Penguin 75 I had to have a copy of Classic Penguin.  I love, love, love how Penguin, under the direction of Paul Buckley, have been designing their classics lines.  Black Spines, Drop Caps (oooh, Drop Caps), Graphic Deluxe Editions, Horros, and the forthcoming Galaxy cloth-bound SF/Fantasy editions.  A must-have for classics and graphic design fans, especially since a number of the designers and artists talk about their design process for a number of the books.  (But the Coralie Bickford-Smith cloth-bound designs weren't discussed at all...humph!)

Dear FTC: I bought my copy of this book.

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