25 April 2016

Smash Your Stack! A #readyourowndamnbooks challenge!

Holla, holla, holla, fellow book-loving readers.

Do you acquire books faster than you can read them?
Is your e-reader full to bursting with unread goodness?
Are library sales and online deals your kryptonite?
Is your to-be-read pile ready to morph into Mt. TBR?

Well, Andi and I have a challenge for you.

During the month of May, we are challenging readers to Smash Your Stack!  This reading challenge is super, duper simple.

1.  Determine what percentage of your reading in May will come from books you already own before May starts in some format.  For example, try for 50% of your books read to be ones you already own if you have a boatload of advances/reviews to finish.  Or go really hardcore and say that 100% of books you read in May and read like 20 off your stack or list.  You do you.  Any format, any genre.
2.  Make a blog or social media post about your goal percentage.
3.  Post the URL using the Mr. Linky Andi has set up.  (There might be a prize or two we'll draw for at the end of May....*grin*)
4.  Read like the wind, Bullseye!
5.  Keep track of your titles and whether you owned the book prior to May so you can make an end-of-challenge post.

And that's it!!  Get those stacks ready for May 1!  Andi and I will be joining you and Smashing Our Stacks, too.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I'm in if I can still read the library books that I have already taken out, I promise not to get any more. I did just acquire something from the Oxfam shop this morning, sorry.