02 January 2014


Summary from Goodreads:
McSweeney's is excited to release Songbook \226 a brand-new collection of short, personal essays by Nick Hornby on 31 of his favorite songs and songwriters. This hardcover book has 4-color illustrations by Marcel Dzama throughout and comes complete with a CD featuring 11 songs discussed within.

My dad, who loves just wandering around on eBay, had a really cool idea last year - he took my wishlist and went looking to see if any were available on eBay as signed or special copies.  And he surprised me with several things, including an original edition of Nick Hornby's Songbook complete with the original music CD.  I love Hornby's Stuff I've Been Reading columns from the Believer, and have all his essay collections, and I really wanted to read Songbook to get his perspective on music.  Each chapter is one song (in some editions, the title is actually 31 Songs) and it's interesting to read what music turns him on.  It's completely different than what turns me on, to the point that I was really unfamiliar with a few artists.  The included CD was really helpful.  The structure of the chapters is very much like his Stuff I've Been Reading writing; if you like those columns, and are a music lover as well, then give this a try.

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