01 May 2013

Ten White Geese

Summary from Goodreads:
The eagerly anticipated, internationally bestselling new novel by the winner of the world’s richest literary prize for a single work of fiction
A woman rents a remote farm in rural Wales. She says her name is Emilie. An Emily Dickinson scholar, she has fled Amsterdam, having just confessed to an affair. On the farm she finds ten geese. One by one they disappear. Who is this woman? Will her husband manage to find her? The young man who stays the night: why won’t he leave? And the vanishing geese?

Set against a stark and pristine landscape, and with a seductive blend of solace and menace, this novel of stealth intrigue summons from a woman’s silent longing fugitive moments of profound beauty and compassion.

Penguin Paperbacks had been promoting Ten White Geese heavily on their Twitter feed so of course I had to read it.  And then follow the author on there, too.

This review is going to be a total cop-out because there is so little of this book that I can talk about without blowing some of the plot.  And I'd really prefer not to spoil it for you because this is such an amazingly well-constructed novel (and well-translated, since it reads so well in English).  Such a beautiful meditation on isolation, despair, and what happens when everything just goes off the rails.

Read it.  Read it.  Read it.

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